Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Broker

Nice work! You're here because you want to get a real estate broker license in California!
The sales license just wasn't enough for you? You're motivated. You're driven. You want to open your own company and are ready to make it happen!
Broker license here you come!
Fortunately for you, applicants wishing to obtain a California real estate broker license face a rather straightforward process. After completing some easy educational requirements with ADHI Schools and the required experience you can hop on over and test to become a California real estate broker!
Keep in mind that you'll also need to pay a couple of small fees to the state in order to take the real estate broker exam in California. It's $95 for the state examination and $300 for a four-year real estate broker license.
We will prepare you well for the examination and help you pull together all the knowledge you've accumulated from ADHI Schools' real estate courses, on the job experience, and our legendary crash course and crush this thing the first time!
Don't forget, you'll also need to clear criminal background in California which involves submitting fingerprints prior to licensure. Clear criminal history isn't just a California real estate broker requirement, virtually all states require real estate agents and brokers to submit to a background check prior to obtaining a license.
Here's a step-by-step breakdown.


There are three broad requirements for all prospective real estate brokers in California which will be outlined below.
1. Background clearance
2. Experience
3. Education

6 Steps to Becoming a California Real Estate Broker

To meet the California real estate broker license requirements, do the following:

Resources You'll Need to Start Your Brokerage

The California real estate broker exam tests candidates in several areas, including real estate law, accounting, contracts, laws of agency, financing, mandated disclosures, appraisal, real estate practice, property ownership, transfer of property, market analysis, land use regulations and controls, and more. The test has been designed to be truly comprehensive and challenging.

This is why it's so important to take a live crash course like the one we offer. Head on over to to learn more.


Always keep an eye on state requirements for continuing education and consider joining the National Association of Realtors if you want MLS access and other benefits. Brokers should stay abreast of California's real estate licensing requirements and know where they stand in terms of continuing education courses, annual fees and any new rulings issued by the California Department of Real Estate.

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